Basic Storage Components (BSC)

Not numbered
Frames of plywood, wooden drawers with the following standard veneers: walnut, oak, black wood, bittersweet red, forest green, or gun metal

The modules of the system were available in three different heights (22 3/8", 32 3/8", 38 3/8") and three different widths (22 3/8", 32 3/8", 38 3/8"). Drawers were offered in the named widths and in three different heights (5", 6", 7 1/18"). BSC was directed explicitly at architects and designers and offered various storage wall elements that the customer could then use in a scaffolding system that was virtually custom made. The highly flexible shelving system could be used both as a wall system and as a room divider. The individual elements of BSC included shelving, cabinet doors, table elements, elements for integrated radio systems, as well as a home desk and a vanity.

BSC was featured only in the 1952 Herman Miller catalog.

Produced by Herman Miller from 1949 to approximately 1954.

Basic Storage Components

1949 / produced 1949–54
Ernest Farmer, an associate at George Nelson's office