Bolta Tempotrays

Manufacturer: General Plastics, Bolta Products Division (Lawrence, Massachusetts)

Serving trays made of plastic, with different patterns, originally designed for Schiffer Prints' Stimulus Collection. The collection also included designs by Abel Sorenson, Bernard Rudofsky, and Paul McCobb. The following patterns were sold under Nelson's name.

ca. 1956
Bolta Tempotray, China Shop
China Shop
Silhouettes of colored tableware on white background.
Green, black, grey.
Green, red, black.
Brown, beige, black.
Bright grey, dark grey, black.
Bolta Tempotray
Irregular strips with dotted patterns in red, orange, and brown.
Bolta Tempotray, Pavements
Green or red circles with black lines on a white background.