Bubble Lamps

Manufacturer: Howard Miller Clock Company (Zeeland, Michigan)
Materials: steel wire, plastic, chrome or brass

Designed by William Renwick of Nelson’s office, the Bubble Lamp came in a variety of shapes and sizes. Comprised of a steel-wire structure cocooned in a translucent white plastic spray, a technique developed by the U.S. military and used here to create sculptural fixtures that could be sold at modest prices. Accessories included: a ceiling attachment, an adjustable pulley, wall brackets, and a tripod base.

William Renwick, an associate at George Nelson's office
18_1952_Bubble lamps.jpg

21_1952_Bubble lamps, Angled Sphere 1.jpg
Angled Sphere
H-734: H 9 1/2", Ø 14"
H-769: H 15", Ø 20"
H-724: H 22", Ø 28"
Vitra Design Museum Collection
H-737: H 10 1/2", Ø 11"
H-767: H 16", Ø 13 1/2"
H-736: H 18", Ø 8"
H-766: H 15", Ø 21"
19_1952_Bubble lamps, Saucer.jpg
H-740: H 7", Ø 16"
H-763: H 9 1/2", Ø 25"
H-727: H 14", Ø 36"
From the Vitra Design Museum Collection.
Sphere (group shot top right)
H-738: Ø 12"
H-761: Ø 20"
H-725: Ø 25"

20_1952_Bubble lamps, Cigar.jpg
H-739: H 13", Ø 10"
H-762: H 21", Ø 13"
H-726: H 33", Ø 13"
Pear (group shot top left)
H-733: H 12", Ø 13 1/2"
H-770: H 19", Ø 17"
26_1952_Bubble Lamps, H-771.jpg
H-771: H 16", Ø 20" 
23_1952_Bubble lamps, Almond.jpg
H-765: H 16", Ø 21"
24_1952_Bubble lamps, Roll.jpg
H-764: H 15 1/2", Ø 18"
25_1952_Bubble lamps, H-736.jpg
H-736: H 18", Ø 8 3/4"