Comprehensive Panel System (CPS)

Wall panels: walnut veneer / millafin, vinyl, walnut veneer
Shelves: walnut veneer / millafin, walnut grained laminate with edges in walnut veneer, neutral light laminate with walnut veneer edge, neutral light laminate
Poles and posts: aluminum
Heights: 56", 62", 68", 74", 80"
Widths: 32", 48"

This shelving system with freestanding dividing walls was especially suited as a working space solution for offices, as it allowed larger spaces to be divided into semi-private working areas. The walls are connected with rods that are coordinated to fit the Comprehensive Storage System and could thus be combined with all CSS components with 32" and 48" widths. Components can thus be inserted into both sides of the unit.

Produced by Herman Miller from approximately 1967 to 1973.

Comprehensive Panel System

1964 / produced 1967–73