Comprehensive Storage System (CSS)

Poles: extruded aluminum in natural or black with corners in aluminum
Wood components: oil walnut or oil teak

H 95 1/8" to 162 5/8", with end springs and adjustable bases. Intermediate elements are based on a standard width of 32", special versions were also possible.

This shelving system is based on a concept similar to the OMNI system developed for Aluminum Extrusions. While the support system for OMNI consisted of rectangular rods, in CSS the rods are reminiscent in their cross-section of a double T-profile, allowing the rods to be outfitted with horizontal supports in the front and rear. This allowed CSS to also be used as a room divider. In contrast to OMNI, CSS can also be installed on the wall thanks to supporting rods bent at right angles. Like OMNI, CSS has its roots in the Storagewall, but is a light and variable system. It is thus not surprising that the illustrated possible uses in the 1964 Herman Miller catalog were called "walls": Conference Wall, Office Wall, Storagewall, Bedroom Wall, Library Display Wall, Desk Wall. Like OMNI, CSS offered a large variety of components for the storage of many household objects or office materials, also offering workspace with optional table units. At one fair, the system was even presented featuring a bed.

Produced by Herman Miller from 1959 to 1973.

1957 / produced 1959–73

From the Vitra Design Museum Collection.

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