Contract Bench System

N° 5993, N° 5994, N° 5995, N° 5996, N° 5997, N° 5998, N° 5999
Frame: black or white enameled, or stainless steel
Superstructures: textile, Naugahyde, or leather (N° 5996), natural birch wood (N° 5997), oil walnut, oil teak, or oil rosewood (N° 5998), stainless steel (N° 5999)

The frames have a height of 12", a depth of 20 1/2", and were available in the following lengths: 60 5/8" (N° 5993), 80 3/4" (N° 5994), 100 3/4" (N° 5995). Upon the frames of different lengths, various superstructures with the base dimension 20" x 20" could be mounted: planter unit (N° 5999), padding (N° 5996), table (N° 5998), wooden slats (N° 5997).

This modular system, similar to the Steelframe Seating System, has components that can be freely combined, enabling great variability. Contrary to the Steelframe Seating System, the Contract Bench System does not have backrests.

Produced by Herman Miller from 1959 to 1970.

Contract Bench System

1958 / produced 1959–70
John F. Pile, an associate at George Nelson's office