Cylinder Chair and Table

Not produced

The development of the Cylinder chairs was motivated by various factors: the interest in designing a chair not needing any legs and at the same time having a simple shape; the wish to further explore the forming and casting possibilities of plastic; and finally, the intention to create a seat element that—if used at an airport—could also accommodate luggage. A so-called chair-organizer link keeps the individual elements together and on the ground, so that they can link several chairs as well as chairs and tables to one another. A wider version of the same system enabled suitcases and other types of luggage to be placed side by side on the tables. Further possible areas of application for the system were thought to be boutiques or clubs. For the latter, the Nelson office planned to make the Cylinder chair of transparent plastic to be illuminated from within.

Cylinder Chair and Table Airport Seating

ca. 1967