Day Beds

N° 5087, N° 5088, N° 5089, N° 5090
Frame of birch wood, foam mattress and foam cushions, brushed aluminum feet
H 27", W 75", D 33" (Lying area: 15")
N° 5087 with cushions to be placed against a wall
N° 5088 with cushions and fixed backrest for placing anywhere in the room
N° 5089 without cushions and backrest
N° 5090 with cushion and backrest

George Nelson designed an early version of this day bed for his own use in 1941. This version, with cushions and a backrest, resembles a cross between bed and sofa.

Produced by Herman Miller from 1948 to approximately 1964.

Reissued by Vitra in 2004.

Day Beds

From the Vitra Design Museum Collection.

1948–ca. 1964
Arthur Drexler, an associate at George Nelson's office