Headboards for Steel Bedframes

N° 4907, N° 4908, N° 4909, N° 4649
H 32", W 39" 54" or 79", D 1 1/4"
N° 4649 (wall-mounted cane-work): H 19", W 38", D 1 1/4"

Headboards designed to be attached to simple steel bedframes, which allowed the look of the bed to be altered. Options included padding, veneer, or cane-work in a birch-wood frame. Trays (N° 4952) could be mounted to the frame on either side of the headboard.

Produced by Herman Miller from 1950 to 1962.

Headboards for Steel Bedframes
A pair of bedside trays (N° 4952) attached to a bead with a headboard (N° 4908).