Leisure Lighting

Manufacturer: Nessen Studio

Sometimes referred to as the “Beehive Lamp,” this pendent light was made of a brass body with a dark bronze finish outfitted with reflectors of baked white enamel.

Lucia DeRespinis (1960), Farid Iskander (1969),
associates at George Nelson's office

Nessen Studio, Beehive hanging lamp
NS801 Beehive Hanging Lamp
W 18" (across base), chain length 6'
Hexagonal pyramid-shaped hood with diffuser, 37 translucent white acrylic tubes in honeycomb pattern

Nessen Studio, Triple-Light
NS803 Triple-Light
Overall height 45"
Reflectors 9" long, Ø 6 1/4"
Three cylindrical reflectors with cone-shaped top, open end; swivel on universal joint; post with or without weighted base
Nessen Studio, LampPost-Torch
NS804 Lamp Post / Torch
Overall height 66"
Glass cylinder H 11", Ø 8 "
Opal glass, top covered with metal disc; metal post with weighted base
Nessen Studio, Bracket Light
NS805 Bracket Light
9" long,  Ø 6 1/4"
Pivot mount, closed top, white glass diffuser
Nessen Studio, Nimbus hanging lamp
Nimbus Hanging Lamp
Farid Iskander
H 15", Ø 11 1/8"
Chromed metal dome, 45 transparent acrylic tubes