Marshmallow Sofa

Iron, plywood, foam cushions with textile or Naugahyde covering
H 32 1/2", W 52", D 33"

The basic idea for the design of the the Marshmallow Sofa was an industrial series production of the round cushions. As this production could not take place as originally planned, the cost of manufacturing the sofa was significantly higher than budgeted, so that sales figures at that time fell far behind expectations. Nevertheless, the Marshmallow Sofa quickly achieved the status of a modern classic.

Produced by Herman Miller from 1956 to 1965, reintroduced 1999.

Produced by Vitra from 1988 to 1994, reintroduced in 2003.

1956 / produced 1956–65 and reintroduced in 1999
Irving Harper, an associate at George Nelson's office

From the Vitra Museum Design Collection

Marshmallow Sofa
A Herman Miller advertisement designed by Irving Harper for the Marshmallow Sofa, 1956.
Marshmallow Sofa