Miniature Chests

N° 5211, N° 5212, N° 5215, N° 5217
Teak with front panels in a dark stain, porcelain handles in white, legs of polished brass.
H 27 1/8", 32", 44 1/2"; W 10 3/8", 20 1/4", 30 1/8"; D 19"

This was a miniature edition of the Rosewood Case Group that could be combined with the latter. Four models were produced and outfitted with drawers and in one case with a white door (N° 5211). The miniature chests could be ordered with or without legs.

Produced by Herman Miller from 1952 to approximately 1963, reintroduced in 2005.

Miniature Chests

From the Vitra Design Museum Collection.

1952 / produced from 1954 until ca. 1963, 1994–96, and since 2005
Irving Harper, John F. Pile, associates at George Nelson's office
Miniature Chests
The Miniature Chests complemented the Rosewood Case Group and were either mounted on pedestals (as in this example) or fitted onto larger pieces of furniture.