Model House, Jonathan Housing Corporation, Jonathan, Minnesota

The model house was made for a new planned city to be built by Jonathan Housing Corporation (JHC) in the vicinity of Chaska, Minnesota. JHC was a conglomerate of a gas company, a chemical company, Standard Research Institute of Palo Alto, and the Jonathan Development Corporation. The settlement was supposed to comprise five villages, each with 7000 residents. Building began in 1967, and the city was to be completed in 1991. Jonathan was supposed to consist of several fixed house types, including a single-family house planned by Nelson and Chadwick that was to cost between $25,000 and $40,000. The house consisted of four modules, each with its own roof, which could then be arranged in different ways. At least five of the houses were built; an additional fifteen were planned. 

Gordon Chadwick, an associate at George Nelson's office
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