Pedestal Tables

N° 5451, N° 5452, N° 5453
Pedestal: black or white enameled
Table top: grey or white hard plastic
Table edge: birch wood
H 22 1/2", Ø 18"; H 16 1/2", Ø 28 1/2"; H 22 1/2", Ø 28 1/2"

Small side tables with round tops mounted on either black or white pedestals. When introduced, they were offered in just two sizes. Around 1960, a third size was offered (N° 5453), as well as an aluminum pedestal.

Produced by Herman Miller since 1954.

Produced by Vitra since 1957.

Pedestal Tables

N° 5451, N° 5452
From the Vitra Design Museum Collection.

1954 / produced from 1954 until today
Irving Harper, an associate at George Nelson's office