Rosenthal Studio House, 584 Fifth Avenue, New York

Rosenthal Studio House in New York was the first of its kind in the U.S. Here, Rosenthal displayed and sold porcelain, glass, and silverware from their own collection as well as select products of other European manufacturers. For the interior, using a surface of 6660 square feet, Philip Rosenthal worked personally with Nelson and his firm on the design. A special mark of the façade was a disc-shaped bronze sculpture by the artist Arnaldo Pomodor that during the day hung in front of the shop window, featuring slits that allowed passersby a view inside. At night, the sculpture was pulled up to free the view of the interior, where a programmed light show was a further attraction. Special aspects of the interior included a sculptural ceiling, cylindrical display cases, and a periscope allowing visitors to look from the ground floor to the basement.

Rosenthal Studio House

Paul Heyer, an associate at George Nelson's office