Rosewood Case Series (Thin Edge Group)

N° 5200-Series, later Thin Edge Group,
produced under N° 3301 through N° 3306
Rosewood, satin aluminum base
Porcelain handles, black or white
Storage cabinets in two heights (30 5/8" and 40 5/8") and four widths (33 5/8", 39 5/8", 46 5/8", 55 5/8"), all with the same depth (18 1/2"), with drawers and/or doors.

This elegant furniture series was a further development and refinement of the 4600 and 4700 series. Striking characteristics included not only a rosewood veneer, but also the especially thin edges, hence the later name. Here too, all cases could be ordered as desired to be placed on the Platform Bench. Special models included a vanity (N° 5361) that could be hung between two cases, as well as cases with a radio and record player (N° 5432).

Produced by Herman Miller from approximately 1952 to 1957.

1952 / produced ca. 1952–57, as Thin Edge Cases 1958–62
Irving Harper, John F. Pile, associates at George Nelson's office
48_1952_Rosewood Case Series.jpg

From the Vitra Design Museum Collection.

Rosewood Case Series