Soltroia, Plan for a Vacation Settlement, Troia, Portugal

Not realized

In 1965, George Nelson was hired by an international group of builders for a large vacation house development on the Portuguese peninsula of Troia. According to an advertising brochure created by the Nelson office, eleven villages for 3,600 to 12,000 residents were to be built on the 10-mile-long peninsula, 20 miles south of Lisbon. In total, the new settlements would accommodate 80,000 vacationers. To avoid the mistakes of standard vacation home developments and the linked overdevelopment of the landscape, Nelson's master plan relies on compact terraced houses in a Mediterranean style built in different sizes. Due to the dense construction, large parts of the peninsula could have been left untouched and cars would have been superfluous within the villages. Terraces and pools would have provided the necessary degree of privacy. Nelson's plan foresaw private vacation homes and suggested a central service agency for the care and maintenance of the buildings. The project was not realized.

Soltroia, plan for a vacation settlement, Troia, Portugal