Steelframe Seating

N° 5444, N° 5446, N° 5448, N° 5449, N° 5450, 
N° 5471, N° 5472, N° 5473, N° 5477
Frame: black or white enameled

Superstructures: textiles, Naugahyde, or leather (N° 5471, N° 5472, N° 5473), birch wood with synthetic webbing (N° 5471), white laminate (N° 5449, N° 5450), stainless steel (N° 5477).

The frames of the benches have a height of 11", a depth of 24", and were available in three lengths: 48" (N° 5444), 72" (N° 5446), 96" (N° 5448).

Various superstructures with the basic dimension of 24" x 24" could be mounted on top of them: two table units (N° 5450 and N° 5449), two lounge units (N° 5471 and N° 5472), one cushion unit (N° 5473), and a planter unit (N° 5477).

In this seating system, the basic ideas and functions of modular design were for the first time applied to seating furniture. A great number of variations were possible using just a few components.

The numbering corresponds to the Herman Miller catalog of 1961.

Produced by Herman Miller from 1954 to approximately 1974.

Steelframe Seating

From the Vitra Design Museum Collection.

1953 / produced 1954–ca. 1974
John F. Pile, an associate at George Nelson's office