Custom made in various sizes

Nelson developed the Storagewall concept for the book Tomorrow's House, which he wrote with Henry Wright. The Storagewall was introduced in the chapter "Organized Storage." Even before the publication of the book, Life dedicated a title story to the wall, and had a freely standing version of the wall built. In addition, a Storagewall was installed in a single-family home in New Jersey, as the article reports. Storagewall formed the foundation for Nelson's almost two decades of work on storage furniture and storage systems.

An unknown number were produced.

George Nelson and Henry Wright
Cover of Life magazine with the Storagewall, January 22, 1945.
Storagewall Life Magazine
Storagewall Life Magazine
Page spread from Life magazine, with the Storagewall.
Storagewall Do-It-Yourself Plans
Famous Designers Do-It-Yourself-Plan, an advertising initiative of the United States Plywood Corporation, 1955.
Storagewall Life Magazine
Illustration from Life magazine on the possible uses on the Storagewall, 1945.