Swaged Leg Chair

DAF (-5), MAF (-5): fixed rear, swaged legs (-5: with cushion)
DAA (-5), MAA (-5): movable back, swaged legs (-5: with cushion)
DFH: fixed back, four steel rod legs (-5: with cushion)
Seat: fiberglass-reinforced polyester in black, white, or gray
Cushion: black or light ochre
Legs: steel tube in black, white, or chrome

The legs of the Swaged Leg Group, which also included tables, obtained their form through the swaging process, by which the steel tube can be tapered and bent. In order to reduce production costs, all four legs of a chair or table were shaped in the same way.

Produced by Herman Miller from 1958 to 1964, reintroduced in 2006.

1954 / produced 1958–64, since 2006
Charles Pollock, an associate at George Nelson's office